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Queen West, Toronto

I’ve been fostering and training rescue dogs for 5+ years. From fear aggression, to leash reactivity, to separation anxiety — and everything in between. 2024 Pricing: Boarding: $85/night/dog | Training: $135/session

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"Before training with Eva, we were always unsure of how to handle our unpredictable dog. Every day felt like walking on eggshells as we desperately tried any and all methods to stop seeing aggressive and reactive behaviours in our dog to the point where we were exhausted while still not seeing any results. Eva's training completely changed our approach to training and as a result completely changed our dog's behaviour. We thought this kind of change would never be achievable but she made it feel so easy. Training a dog is also about training the humans and she always made the training environment feel safe, and she always gave us the best guidance with her hands on approach. Eva is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate in her work, and delivers on the results you're looking for. We absolutely cannot recommend her enough!!"

Tasha Huggins

Zoë is a very excitable, high energy, and confident pup. So our main issues that we wanted to work on was pulling while walking, recall, and staying calm when seeing other dogs or people. Before training with Eva, we tried pretty much everything with some success. We could loose-leash walk sometimes but any time Zoë saw another dog or person, she was back to pulling. All our methods worked for a bit, but they were never consistent even though we tried REALLY REALLY hard EVERY day. We progressed through a variety of collars (slip lead, martingale, starmark, prong). We also used high-value treats and toys. As a very play-motivated dog, Zoë would get bored of certain treats and so we always had to buy new ones AND we also regularly had to carry around different toys to keep her focus on us. BUT after e-collar training with Eva (just 4 sessions), our lives CHANGED. We used to have to carry a backpack with different toys and treats and leashes, and now we walk Zoë COMPLETELY off leash. No backpack full of toys. No treat bags needed. No leash to fumble around with because now with confidence, we know that when we recall her, she comes. When we walk, she heels perfectly beside us. We walk by dogs, kids, trucks, cars, squirrels, rabbits, you name it and she stays right by us. We cannot emphasize how THANKFUL we are to Eva for giving us and Zoë the freedom she has now. Not only do we get to do more with her, we feel like our bond with her has grown SO deeply. Thank you Eva 🥰🙏🏼

Melissa Liu

With some of the nervyness and the journey Stevie had been going through to come out of her shell, we didn’t have anyone we could trust (or were comfortable with) watching her until we met Eva. Her experience as a foster to so many dogs and expertise as a trainer helps us as much as it helps Stevie. Eva has such a genuine love and understanding for the dogs that stay with her and we learn so much from her every time. We love how much attention, care and structure Stevie receives when we board her - she always comes back having learned something new and is always happy and refreshed when she gets to stay with her. We can’t thank you enough for all that you do! ❤️ Thank you so much.

Sury Kim

Eva is really great at observing a dog’s personality, fears, and expectations and translating it in a way that humans can understand. You know exactly what your dog is doing while you’re away and Eva responds quickly if there are any questions or concerns. I would not hesitate to board Casper with Eva again!

Abigail Chu

Boarding Apollo with Eva was the best decision I could have made for both of us. Eva worked extensively with my 9mo golden retriever pup working on many of the foundational basics of a well adjusted dog. She safely socialized him, worked on leash pulling, and learning and respecting boundaries. My pup came back a changed (and much more chill) boy! Eva also took the time to teach me a lot and educate me on how to better communicate and understand my dog and his needs. I would highly recommend her for any of your dog training or boarding needs! I could not speak more highly of my experience with her. 10/10 would recommend!

Tia Law

Eva took amazing care of the dogs while we were away! We love that she spent time working on training with the dogs, kept them disciplined on a routine schedule, and closely supervised them during socialization and play. Eva was easy to communicate with throughout the booking process and during boarding. She is very knowledgeable and has been a great help while we’ve been working through anxiety with our younger dog. Thank you for being so patient with our boys and sharing your wealth of experience! We would definitely book again with Eva in the future.

Agnes Lin

Eva is a dog whisperer!!! Not only are you getting a competent and caring dog boarder, Eva also has so much expertise in training. Linus had an amazing time with her and came back to us a much more well-behaved dog. We saw a noticeable difference in terms of how Linus responded to our boundaries and Eva recommended several tools to us that we now implement in our day to day. We would trust her with Linus any time.

Hailey Ho

I loved how Eva really took her time to go over everything I had questions about in each session. They were long enough to really make sure we got each goal we had down pat by the end of the session. I also felt like she really listened to each issue I had and catered her approach to my dog rather than arbitrarily use the same approach on my dog that they would on any other. I felt like other trainers would go straight to correction without trying to understand why my dog was exhibiting the behaviour in the first place.

Judy Lim

Training with Eva has been the best decision I have made in the past year! Being a first time big dog owner I was quite nervous and didn’t even know where to begin with training my dog Fern. Eva took the time with me through each appointment and would explain the why behind Ferns behaviours and how to work through them. Eva also takes the time to send a follow up email after each appointment explaining what we worked on during the session and how to work on it at home. I found this recap email so helpful as it was something that I can refer back to as I was learning so much during each training session. Eva also takes the time to check up on you after appointments to see how the training is going at home. Anytime I ran into issues after training Eva was always available to answer my questions and work through the different obstacles I was facing at home. She has helped me work through crate training, teaching fern how to walk on leash, the importance of a place and out command, the art of chill, ecollar training, and so much more! Fern wasn’t even a year old yet and was already able to walk off leash! Ecollar training has given fern so much more freedom and has allowed me to take him many more places because he’s reliable! Boarding with Eva has also been am amazing experience. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to watch Fern! She spends time working on training with him, keeping him on a routine schedule, as well as giving Fern the opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs in a safe environment. I love that during play she advocates for both parties and sets up an environment that both dogs will succeed in. Eva is NO JOKE! 100000/10! She really changed my life with raising Fern and I’m so happy I made the decision to start training early when he was a pup!

Olivia DiPronio

I drove from Montreal to Toronto to have Perla boarded with Eva! Knowing Perla was in the safest hands, my partner and I left the country for our wedding. Leaving your mutter behind is always stressful, but this was the first time I had zero worries. Everything about Perla's stay was thoroughly explained before, during and after. Eva has excellent communication skills. Eva was able to work through some significant anxiety in just two short weeks! Perla came home a confident, happier dog. We will 100% be returning!! Thank you Eva!!!!

Melissa Alvarado

Jasper is an anxious dog and it took me a while to come to terms with that. In the past, I lacked confidence in what I was doing and how I was training him despite the number of trainers and behaviourists we hired. I felt judged and shamed by other trainers when explaining Jasper’s behaviours and triggers which just brought my confidence down even more. I knew something had to be done so when our friends recommended us to Eva, I jumped at the opportunity to reach out. Just from the brief consultation with her, I knew she would be the right trainer for us. From the get-go, she created a safe space for us to speak while actively listening to me vent about my concerns about Jasper’s behaviour and our training goals. For the first time ever, I didn’t feel judged by a trainer. Her knowledge on dog training and behaviour made me feel at ease. She not only gave us the information on what to do and how to do it, but clearly explained the “why” behind the behaviours and the training. I initially reached out to Eva because I wanted Jasper e-collar trained, but collar aggression was something we had to address. He would sometimes snap and bite us when we put the collar on, and Eva gave us a clear action plan on how to desensitize Jasper to this. While working through this, Eva kept checking in to see how things were going which made us feel supported throughout this process. Eva also introduced us to the Starmark collar and taught us leash pressure and then eventually worked our way to the e-collar. Throughout this whole process, Eva made herself available for us to ask questions in between training sessions and checked in on how things were going. After a couple of months of working with Eva, Jasper is now calm when we put the collar on, is reliable off-leash in a variety of environments, and I feel confident taking him to new places knowing that I can control him. Working with Eva was the best thing for Jasper and I’s relationship. I am now able to clearly communicate with him in a way he understands through the e-collar and I could not be happier about this. If you are interested in working with a reliable, knowledgeable, patient and genuinely kind trainer, I would highly recommend Eva. We cannot thank Eva enough! She truly is the best.

Jessica Chiu

We are so happy to have found Eva! She gave us very good advice on how to have our dog walk better and to work on not jumping up. I appreciate that her knowledge is dog psychology based, I would recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with their dog!

Katie Jacobsen

Before we took my dog Chai to Eva, my family was struggling with a very anxious and leash reactive dog. She would often bark at things passing by at home and when guests came over it was always challenging to control her. We tried so many different ways to get her to listen to us. We took her to other trainers and her behaviour would improve a little and then revert or even worsen. It got to the point where only my dad and I could walk her because she’d react so poorly she’d drag us onto the street. We also rarely had guests over and if they came we’d have to put Chai downstairs in her crate. After taking her to Eva, Chai is a changed dog. She’s less anxious even when guests come over. Everyone that knew her before have remarked on how calm she is now. She walks by dogs and people calmly and it’s finally enjoyable to go on walks with her again. We are now working towards moving towards off-leash training, something that was inconceivable prior to training with Eva. I would definitely recommend Eva to anyone wanting to improve their dog’s behaviour or reduce their anxiety.

Jessica Hu

Eva is great with dogs! We liked how she would carve out time to train our dog, as well as give him opportunities to socialize. Not your average boarder; she really does care and is a true, passionate professional. What other dog boarder would have a slatmill and a spring pole in their apartment?! We would definitely board Ollie with Eva again in the future. Thanks for everything!

Kenneth Hou

I would 100% recommend Eva to anyone wanting to board their dog. Roa has a lot of anxiety, so prior to this experience I couldn’t really imagine her feeling comfortable with another handler. It was clear to me from the beginning that Eva has a ton of experience and that really put me at ease. It was the best feeling to see the updates of Roa looking so at home during her boarding experience. Eva also guided Roa through her first social with another dog since we adopted her. I could not believe I was seeing my reactive, anxious dog participating in play with another dog!! This experience absolutely exceeded my expectations. When you board with Eva, it really is the full package. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Eva for taking care of our pup and helping her come out of her shell. :)

Emily Hannant

We’re so grateful we found Eva. We have never been able to drop off our reactive rescue pup with anyone with as much confidence as we did with Eva. After our consultation, she was pretty much able to pinpoint our dog’s issues and was able to tailor her care of our pup from the get go. As soon as we dropped her off, Eva was amazing with her and was able to be someone that our dog trusted instantaneously. She also provided us with tons of updates, lots of tips we could use at home, and a boarding summary!! We love her, and will be using her for our pup in the future.

Olivia So

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